Metro Building and Remodeling Group’s core philosophy is simple:

“Treat our clients exactly the same way we would want to be treated from start to finish and beyond for every project that we do for them.”

George Kall, president of Metro Building and Remodeling Group

George Kall
MBRG founder and president

Our mission is multifaceted:

  1. Help our clients achieve their goals for their home.
  2. Respect our clients’ preferences, wishes, and budgets.
  3. Offer, but do not impose, new ideas that can help them achieve their goals more fully and/or less expensively when possible.
  4. Provide our clients an extraordinarily positive and productive remodeling experience.
  5. Help homeowners improve their lives by helping them improve the enjoyment and functionality they get from their homes.
  6. Make home remodeling and building a custom home easier, less stressful, more understandable, more predictable, and more successful.
  7. Offer fair, accurate and honest prices for quality results and exceptional service.
  8. Do all we can to eliminate avoidable surprises (except perhaps the delightful kind of surprise when the project far exceeds our clients’ highest expectations).
  9. Help our clients from start to finish with professional guidance and personal service focused on their needs, not ours.
  10. Help homeowners achieve their goals whether using their ideas, suggesting ways to enhance their ideas or by providing them ideas they may not have even imagined.
  11. Help our clients optimize their budget to provide them the highest value for their investment. We should not dictate what homeowners should do with their homes or how much they should spend.
  12. Our recommendations and solutions should reflect clients’ priorities, allowing them to get the most value from their investment.

We always strive for excellence in everything we do. And we are always ready to serve our clients!

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