Part 2: Setting Remodeler Priorities

Setting Priorities for the Selection of Your Remodeling Contractor. Selecting a remodeler is not the same as selecting a car. A car’s specific make, model and options will be the same no matter which dealer you buy from and no matter what you pay. This is not true when selecting a remodeler. Here’s why: No [...]

September 27th, 2016|Categories: Consumer Remodeling Tips, Home Remodeling|

Is Your Remodeling Project Priced for Problems?

Getting reasonable remodeling estimates for your home improvement project is important. Nobody wants to overpay for a project. But what if one of the estimates you get is much lower than the others? What if an estimate you get is almost too good to be true? According to one remodeling industry expert, “Remodeling horror stories [...]

Oops! 3 Things That Bust Kitchen Remodeling Budgets

When you decide to remodel your kitchen, it’s because you need it to work more efficiently for your family’s lifestyle and you want it to look beautifully updated. You understand that quality remodeling and top-notch customer service don’t come at bargain basement prices, but you don’t want to write a blank check either. That’s [...]

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