What Exactly is Design/Build Remodeling?

…It’s Like Uber, But for Remodeling. Remodeling your home is exciting – imagining how it will look and making big plans. You’ll be picking finishes, flooring and fixtures, and then watching your house be transformed. If you've never remodeled before, you might not know where to start. How does the process work? “Do I need [...]

What are “Engineered” Building Materials?

Selecting Products for Your Home: “All Natural” or “Processed”? Are you someone who seeks out organic foods when you shop? Do you try to avoid additives in food and chemicals in cleaning products? Then you might also think that less-processed, natural building products (such as wood or stone) are what you should also incorporate into [...]

4 Steps to Planning a Better Kitchen Remodel

At some point during the holidays, did your kitchen feel like a disaster area? Were dinner guests crowded around and underfoot while you tried to make mashed potatoes? We’re guessing you probably came up with a few ideas for things you’d like to change about your kitchen. Is it time to plan a kitchen remodel? [...]

Establishing Home Remodeling Priorities

Before you start planning for a home remodeling project (and before you start talking to remodeling contractors) it’s helpful to define your remodeling priorities. That is unless you are willing and able to spend whatever it costs to get whatever you want. However, for most homeowners, budget is either an absolute or an elective constraint. [...]

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5 Ways to Take the ~FRIGHT~ Out of Remodeling

October 2015: Many people think it's great fun to scare and be scared at Halloween, and some go to great lengths to make their home look super spooky this month for little ghosts and goblins. But remodeling your home should not be a frightening experience. So have no fear; we have some tips that can [...]