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Metro provides you three different method options for designing and constructing your project.

1) Design-Build
2) Working with Your Architect as a Team
3) Working from Existing Plans

Each method has benefits, and one is likely best for you and your project. We are happy to help you assess which approach is best for you and your project.

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1) Design-Build

Most homeowners find the Design-Build approach is the easiest, simplest, and fastest way to design and construct their remodeling project or custom home. As practiced by Metro, Design-Build is a way to help assure your project is done on time and within budget. With design-build, you don’t have to find an architect for designing the project and a contractor to build it. In addition, you don’t have to worry about coordination between your architect and contractor. Design-Build is also the method where one company is responsible to the homeowner for the entire project. Then, if something is amiss, the homeowner and contractor know who is responsible for resolving the problem.

With Design-Build Metro works with you on everything from concept to completion and then through the warranty period.

To assure you get the best design work by the most qualified architect and designers, Metro does some design work in-house and uses other architects, designers, and engineers we know and trust and who are best suited for your taste and your project.

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2) Working with You and Your Architect from the Very Start of the Project

For homeowners who have a favorite architect they wish to use, having Metro work with you and your architect from the start of the project offers you the benefit of using the specific architect of your choice and some of the benefits of the Design-Build method.

Why? Several Reasons:

Because Metro can start providing general and then increasingly precise cost projections from the start of the design phase and at key points. Therefore, the project’s design doesn’t get too far, or worse, is completed only then to find out that the project’s cost far exceeds what you want to invest in the project. Metro can also provide field-based expertise if there are optional ways to achieve your and your architect’s vision that may provide the most cost-effective solutions without losing design integrity or quality.

Another benefit of engaging Metro early in the process is that you can start working with our designer early. This helps everyone in several ways. For example:

Most architects provide a “general” layout or concept for the kitchen. However, nine times out of ten times, our designer will develop a different layout that our clients like better. Sometimes that means we need to reposition one of the walls that the architect drew. So the sooner we can get the walls positioned correctly, the sooner we can nail down a final design and apply for building permits. And by starting to work with our designer right away, we can start ordering all of the long lead time products and materials, which has only become more critical since COVID-19 impacted supply chains for almost everything, especially for appliances and cabinets that always had long lead times.

Tip: Hiring your contractor upfront based on reputation, dependability, expertise, quality, and a track record of highly satisfied clients makes a whole lot of sense when you figure the vast majority of the cost, quality, and client service on any project comes from your contractor and not the architect.

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3) Working From Existing Plans (aka Design-Bid)

For homeowners who already have existing architectural plans and construction, material, and product specifications prepared by a licensed architect, Metro can provide you with a cost estimate based on the existing plans and specifications. And, if your architect has not obtained detailed product and materials selections from you when your plans are ready, Metro also provides design-build services and is amply qualified to assist you with information and guidance you desire for making informed product material selections.

Note: Contrary to what most people believe, the design-bid approach does not generally result in the lowest project costs and can often lead to higher overall project costs, costly redesigns, and/or skimping on the quality of construction or service can lead to even more problems and costs.

Tip: You can usually avoid these problems if you only bid your project to general contractors with proven track records for providing top quality and superior client service, keeping to schedules and budgets, and having excellent reviews and comments by their clients.

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