Our Team of Remodeling Professionals

Headed up by our company president George Kall, our team of home remodeling professionals includes our staff as well as carefully selected and well-managed specialty trade contractors. Firms we use on a regular basis and work well as part of our team. Together we provide you the strongest and best team to remodel your home to perfection, as well as on-time and on budget.

Staff  Team Members

Metro Building and Remodeling Group’s staff consists primarily of hand-picked, and well-vetted project managers, lead carpenters, finish carpenters, carpenters, helpers, and an office manager. All of our senior staff have 15-plus years of experience in construction. Our entire staff is dedicated to your satisfaction and to providing you with quality work and excellent service.

We take pride in the fact that our staff makes sure we communicate with our clients in a timely and clear manner so that our clients know what is going on at all times and can let us know if they have questions or concerns at all times. Every client also has access to our company president George Kall, when they wish.

Non-Staff Team Members

Some aspects of home remodeling require special expertise and experience used for specific parts of a project. To assure every part of your project has the best tradesmen and craftsmen working on it, we make use of non-staff specialty trade contractors as part of our overall team. This may mean an architect or designer that we feel is best for your project, electricians and plumbers, tile specialists, and more.

All our team members, staff, and otherwise, are carefully selected and vetted. Non-staff team members are supervised by our staff to assure quality and coordination with everyone working on your project. Our specialty trade contractors also carefully select their staff members, are registered and insured businesses, and, for trades requiring it, are licensed.

metro building and remodeling group staff

Metro Building and Remodeling Group
Staff Photo October 2017

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