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Can’t find your dream home? Create it!

Can’t find your dream home? Create it!

Real estate in Northern Virginia, Montgomery County, and Washington, DC is in high demand. As a result, even properties that require repairs are selling fast and above asking price. However, transforming a fixer-upper into your dream home isn’t an impossible feat. Here are some tips for how to best navigate the process.

Tip #1: Necessary Requirements

When deciding to renovate a potential home into one of your dreams you need to have a solid list of standards the property should meet before deciding to buy. Even if you are keeping an open mind regarding remodels, there needs to be a list of requirements. You should make sure that the foundation of the property is sound by checking for deterioration, buckling or cracks. Calling a foundation inspector can be helpful to ensure a professional has properly examined the area. Besides the foundation, the roof is also an important feature to check for damaged or missing shingles. In both the foundation and roof you should inquire about a potential history of water damage. Plumbing is another important item to understand about a property.

Tip #2: Envisioning a Future

Something else to consider when deciding to buy a fixer-upper is whether you can envision a future in your home. If the space seems too small for your current or future lifestyle needs, or if the location and community isn’t ideal; consider a different property. You will be able to remodel features of the home to create a custom dream. However, the “bones” of the property and other elements such as the neighborhood will stay the same.

Tip #3: Getting Help

While renovating a house that was bought needing repairs is not impossible, it isn’t an easy task. Leaning on a building or remodeling group can be a great resource to ensure your result is truly your dream home. Metro Building and Remodeling Group has a team of skilled professionals with extensive experience in all aspects of home remodeling, renovating, and custom home building with customer satisfaction as our number one goal. We will share the vision you have for your home while understanding the logistics such as building codes to make that dream a reality. Please reach out today if you are considering a remodel or renovation.

Tip #4: Floor Plan

Once you have decided on a property and are creating plans for your remodel, designing is an incredibly important step. You and your builder need to understand the end goals. The floor plan is a great place to start. Having an open floor plan can remove barriers and prioritize a welcoming atmosphere. The living room, kitchen, and dining room are commonly merged into one space. Open concept floor plans are gaining popularity, especially for families with children or frequent guests. It can add resale value to your home. Also popular with home buyers are homes with wide windows (lots of natural light) or vaulted ceiling to make the spaces seem bigger.

If you have recently purchased a home that requires renovation, give us a call. We would love to help you transform your recent purchase into your dream home.

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