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Metro Moves Up on Remodeling Magazine’s 2020 Top 550 List

Metro Building and Remodeling Group Has Moved Up to #107 on Remodeling Magazine’s 2020 List of Top 550 US Full-Service Remodeling Firms.


Each year Remodeling Magazine, one of the leading remodeling trade publications, ranks the Top 550 most successful US full-service remodeling companies.

Thanks to our wonderful clients, many of whom refer us to their friends, family and neighbors, Metro has earned the distinction of being ranked #107 in Remodeling Magazine’s 2020 Top 550 list of full-service remodeling firms. The 2020 Top 550 list is based on companies’ 2019 revenue.

Last year, Metro ranked at #156 in the 2019 Top 550 list of full-service remodeling firms. So, we are moving up!

According to Remodeling Magazine, in the 2019 Top 550 awards (based on 2018 earnings), only about 10-12% of remodeling firms earn more than $3 million dollars. For both the 2019 and 2020 Top 550 lists, Metro was in this top tier of remodeling firms. About 70% of remodeling firms make less than a million dollars a year and 23% earn less than $100,000.

But we know size is only one indication of success and Metro is very proud that we have earned the GuildQuality Service Excellence Distinction, also noted in the Top 550 list but for only a select few firms. To be noted with the GuildQuality Service Excellence Distinction firms must have a 90% or higher “would recommend” rate based on surveys conducted by GuildQuality. And companies must have 100% of their clients sent surveys and a significant percent of the surveys must be completed and returned by homeowners. This year, 71% of Metro’s clients responded to surveys and 100% indicate they would recommend Metro.

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