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Metro Retains Top Industry Homeowner Satisfaction Survey Firm

Guildmember_300pxWe are pleased to let all of you know that we have retained GuildQuality.

GuildQuality is the remodeling industry’s leading homeowner satisfaction survey firm. They will be surveying all our clients going forward and will survey some of our recent clients as well. These end-of-project surveys will ask for remodeling reviews, ratings and comments on a wide range of areas known to be factors in how well a remodeling company performs and how satisfied a remodeling firm’s clients are. Questions will be asked about things like quality, expertise, communications, service, and much more.

We look forward to getting the feedback and remodeling reviews from our clients.

The survey results will provide us detailed information about how well we are judged to be doing by our clients for each job individually and across all jobs. It will help us maintain the high quality of service we are known for. It will also allow us to find out what areas we may need to work on. Because we can look at projects based on the staff involved, we can also use this information to identify if any staff member might need additional training.




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