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Remodel Your Master Bathroom – and Your Life!

Stress and noise can take a toll on your mood, energy and health. When homeowners call  Metro Building and Remodeling about master bathroom remodeling, they’re also often looking for a way to “remodel” busy lives. For some, the dream master bathroom is like a den – equipped with fridge, wet bar and flat screen. For others, it’s a Zen-like sanctuary for meditation and renewal.

10 Ideas for Your Master Bathroom Remodeling Project:

1. Creative cabinetry. With the right materials and layout, furniture-quality cabinetry can be at home in your master bathroom. To maintain an uncluttered spa-like feel, plan cabinets carefully to accommodate everything from small cosmetics to Costco-size packages.

bathroom-remodeling-double-sink-soaking-tub-Kohler1-250x250Photo courtesy Kohler Co.

2. Soaking tubs. Many homeowners are now opting for the serenity of a soaking tub rather than a whirlpool tub.

3. Room for two. Busy mornings are easier when you don’t have to wait for your turn in the bathroom. Remodeling to include a separate toilet room offers privacy while double shower heads and his-and-hers vanities let you both get ready in half the time.

4. Bigger showers. Roomy showers with lots of glass and a built-in seat are becoming the norm. Modern fixture choices offer performance without sacrificing water efficiency. If space is tight, you might consider adding a luxurious shower but doing without a tub. We can find creative solutions for small bathrooms or challenging room configurations.

5. Sun-filled spaces. Include skylights and windows that give you plenty of natural light, connect you with the outdoors, and save energy. You might want to throw down a yoga mat for a true sun salutation!

6. Green options. Here in the Northern Virginia, Suburban Maryland and Washington DC area, eco-friendly and energy efficient products are more and more popular. These include paint with no or low VOCs (volatile organic compounds), glazed and insulated windows, finish surfaces with recycled content, high tech tankless water heaters and alternative insulation materials. Homeowners have many options to choose from and they can apply to any project no matter the scope of work.

7. Steam away aches and stress. Steam showers are fantastic! They can offer a true spa experience in the comfort of your own home.  Steam systems can be built into the mechanics of a shower or the entire bathroom.

8. New ventilation systems. From fans with humidity sensors, to automatically defogging steamy mirrors, today’s technologies create bathrooms that are more comfortable and lower maintenance, too. Adding a fan with a timer assures that you can clear the air completely without wasting electricity.

9. Luxurious warmth. As a part of your master bath remodeling, consider radiant heating for the floors. A towel warming drawer is a small extra that adds a great deal of pampering! But towels aren’t all you can warm in the drawer. Baby blankets, robes and slippers can also come out feeling delightfully toasty.

10. New finishes. Think beyond chrome and brass! An amazing array of fixtures and finish surfaces are available to suit the tastes of any homeowner and any style bathroom, including Tuscan bronze or even black. Let your imagination drive your design!

A new master bath will reward you daily with pleasure, peace and quiet and perhaps better health. Plus, a smartly upgraded bathroom helps sell a home and a master bath remodel can deliver excellent ROI. We would be happy to help you take a look at what’s possible. Just give us a call or e-mail us.


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