Basement Remodel


Basement remodeling can be a smart way to give you extra living space and good investment. Choosing to remodel your basement lets you take advantage of space you already have. Adding recreation space or a bedroom or an extra bathroom lets you create a significant amount of usable living space.

We can design an imaginative space for you for a fraction of what you might pay to build an addition.

Remodeling your basement is an excellent return on your investment. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) suggests that you can recover up to 60% of your basement remodel costs. A basement remodel also creates energy savings.  Adding insulation and more efficient windows will save on your heating and cooling bills.

Basement Remodel Around Your Needs

We start by learning what your needs are now and what you expect them to be in the future. We review your goals, preferences, and priorities. This discussion includes what you would like to invest. With that information, we can help you get the most benefit and value from your budget.

Our goal is to meet and likely exceed your expectations. We work to develop solutions for your new basement, which are better than you ever imagined. We strive for every basement remodel to be useful, enjoyable, and beautiful. And by doing so, we also increase the value of your home. We always work as hard to create a beautiful finished basement within your budget, no matter if your basement remodeling budget is modest or high.

Fix and Prevent Basement Problems

Before we start remodeling your basement, we look for problem areas such as moisture and potential structural issues. We investigate whether radon is an issue that should be addressed. It’s best to fix problems like these before construction. We also review the code requirements in your community, such as for emergency egress windows and doors. By identifying issues before budgeting, design, and construction are underway, helps avoid surprise costs or problems.

Thinking Long Term

When you are finishing your basement it makes a great deal of sense to think about how you will use your basement now and in the future. It also makes sense to consider how the basement remodel will maximize the resale value of your home later.

It is important to discuss your current and expected future needs from your basement remodel project. We can often remodel your basement today in a way that will save you money later. This can make it less expensive to modify for your expected future uses later.

Finished Basements Increase a Home’s Value and Online Curb Appeal

When people search for homes online, having a finished basement increases your home’s resale value. This expands the number of people interested in your home. A finished basement makes your home more move-in ready for those wanting a finished basement. This ultimately justifies a higher sale price.

MBRG did a fantastic job renovating our basement and creating a mudroom and laundry room in our house. The design that George brainstormed was well thought out for functionality. Lastly, the MBRG team worked with us to incorporate all of the elements we wanted in those spaces.

Ready for your dream basement?

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