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Because of the size and scope of whole home remodel, they require much more planning and design considerations than other types of projects. Whole house projects are ideal for situations such as:

  • You love your neighborhood and home, but your home either needs modernization, you need more room, or a different configuration of rooms.
  • You love your neighborhood and would move to another home in the area, but can’t find one you like.
  • You’ve been looking to move into a neighborhood but can’t find a home you feel is exactly right for you. However, you find one that is close but needs a major renovation to make it perfect.
  • You find a home on a nice piece of property, in an area you want to move to, but the house is nowhere near what you want. You could knock it down and build a new one. However, if you do this, your taxes will go up a great deal more than if you do a whole house renovation. Also, you will need to conform to more current building or zoning requirements that you may not need to if you are renovating an existing home.
  • Housing and land prices have become high enough in your area that it is more economical to do a whole house renovation than buy a new home, especially considering the costs of moving.


Have you have decided to undertake a whole home remodel? If so, it is important to understand that these projects are also more complex to manage. At Metro Building and Remodeling Group (MBRG), we work with our clients through every step for an exceptional experience. 100% satisfaction is our focus.

Planning & Design

A whole home remodel project offers you the opportunity to rework every part of your home. You can go beyond having your dream kitchen or primary suite; you can have your dream home. It allows you to reimagine your home to fit you perfectly now and in the future.


Whole house renovations can be done faster and sometimes less expensively if no one is living in your home at the time of the project. Moving your things to a temporary home or into storage during the project will need to be factored into your costs.


Because of the size and scope of whole home remodels, they often cost more than smaller scope projects. The cost of a whole home remodel is based on many factors. This includes the home size, configuration, and condition. It can vary depending on whether the project is a renovation, remodel, or combination project. Other factors include the finish choices, products purchased, the quality of design, quality of construction, construction materials used, and more.

The best way to determine the likely costs of the whole home remodel project is to talk to the company that will do the work. After discussing the general scope and nature of the project, you will determine the project’s cost range.

Hiring the Right Building Firm is Critical

The building company you select is arguably the most critical decision you make. It will determine how smoothly and successfully your whole house project turns out. MBRG prides itself on being well qualified for whole house renovations. Please contact us today to discuss your project.

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