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Raising the Bar on Entertaining


Autumn is all about transitions. With the change of seasons come cooling temperatures, colorful leaves, pumpkin spice everything and the shift from baseball and beer to football, basketball and hockey. What better place than a finished basement to huddle with friends and family to cheer on your favorite team. While you’re at it, consider raising the bar by adding a sophisticated wet bar to up your game.

ALL PHOTOS: Finished basement wet bars by Metro Building & Remodeling


What’s on Display?

It goes without saying that your lower level getaway will have at least one giant TV, but what else is on display? Set up your bar with open shelves to show off your assortment of fine spirits, a wine rack, glass-front cabinets for glassware and top it off with your favorite sports memorabilia.

Just Chill


What’s a wet bar without plenty of fridge space? There are many options available now, from wine cabinets (large and small) to undercabinet fridges-in-a-drawer to standalone ice makers. Whatever food and beverages you want to keep in stock for game day, there is a refrigerator or freezer solution that will be just right.

Take a Seat


Crowd size is always a big deal in sports, and it’s no different for at-home spectators. No matter how many friends you invite, you’ll want plenty of comfy seating in front of the TV. And that goes for the wet bar as well. There are bar stools to match any décor you choose, from mid-century retro to industrial chic.

Lighten Up

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The typical basement has challenges like low ceilings, small windows and poor natural light. The more windows that can be added or enlarged, the better. (You get extra points for adding a walk-out door to a patio where you can fire up a grill.) Well-placed recessed ceiling light fixtures supplemented with pendant lights and other task lighting make the space more welcoming and also give you choices for how bright or dark you want the room.


Metro has all kinds of experience finishing basements for whatever use a family has in mind. We’ve got special expertise in adding a wet bar for any entertaining needs you might have, from book clubs to poker night to Super Bowl parties – and anything in between. Our “dream basements” have been featured in Virginia Living Magazine, Remodeling Magazine, and bobvila.com.

Let’s talk about all the ways we have to make your home the MVP of game day entertaining!

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