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Basement Remodel Trends in 2022

Basement Remodel Trends in 2022

Basements have the potential to be so much more than just a large, finished space. Remodeling your basement can help to use an underutilized space and leave your home feeling bigger, less cluttered, and more complete. If you are wondering what factors affect the cost of a basement remodel you can read our article about it here. Your basement can also serve as a blank slate to design a space completely customizable to you and your needs. If you need inspiration in your remodel project, keep reading to learn what types of structural features are trending this year.

Wine Cellar:

Adding a built-in wine cellar to your basement is another great way to create storage and fully utilize small spaces. If you are wondering what it takes to completely customize your own wine cellar, especially if you’re working in a small space, check out our article about creating a custom cellar.

Home Office:

Creating a space in your home where you can truly focus and feel productive is a top priority for clients this year. We can work with you to create a well-designed office with ample storage, built in lighting, and soundproofing for the most rewarding space.

Home Gym:

Converting your basement into a home gym that is filled with all your preferred exercise gear, mirrors, and even bumping out a small sauna or full bath for post-workout relaxation, can be a great design if you want motivation to exercise. Your home gym can also be flexible, with being able to be sized up or down depending on the available space or resources for the project.

Play Nook:

An excellent example of transforming an unused space into something functional and enjoyable is converting the area under the stairs into a quiet and comfy play area for your kids to read or play with their friends. You can add a mattress, drawers for storage as well as soft lighting to create a dreamy effect.


Adding toplight to your space, through glazed exterior panels or roof windows can be a great way to let natural light into a space while also fulfilling the requirement for egress windows, or an emergency exit from the basement.

Can’t Choose … Why Not Both?

If more than one of these options sounds enticing to you, why not proceed with both! Many people are opting for partitions or walls to divide their basement into different rooms with various features to get the most out of their remodel.

We have guided our clients in transforming empty rooms and basements into home theaters, personal sports bars, hobby rooms, game rooms, fitness rooms, and offices. And we particularly enjoy taking on basements that require extra support to demonstrate that there is no limit to what we can do with underutilized spaces in your home. We would love to share the ideas we have with you as well as hearing your suggestions for how we can rekindle your passion for your house. Contact us today.

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