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Kitchen Island Ideas to Consider

Kitchen Island Ideas to Consider

The kitchen island is the true star of the house. Whether you need casual storage, an architectural focal point, or extra countertop space for prep, an island is a true powerhouse. Having an island that functions alongside your home will lend itself to being the most used space. It is a place for friends and family to relax, gather, and enhance the circulation of your home. But finding which type of island works best for you, and how to create it, can be difficult. Here are five kitchen island ideas to consider.

Kitchen Island Idea #1: Double-Sided Storage

A kitchen island is the perfect place to maximize storage. And the best way to make a big storage impact is by creating an island with double-sided storage. Adding extra cabinets or mix and matching your storage options with drawers or open storage on the backside of your island can be a great way to create more places to store items you don’t use all the time. With more modern styled kitchens having less top cabinet space, adding double-sided storage can also give a more polished appearance and compensate for the necessary storage space.

Kitchen Island Idea #2: Luxury Appliances

Another kitchen island idea to consider is adding luxury appliances. Adding a beverage fridge can be a convenient way for your guests or household members to grab a drink or store snacks without disrupting the regular flow in the kitchen. A microwave can also be a great addition to the prep space to minimize trips around the kitchen. It’s important to make sure these appliances are located near the outer end of your island to again make sure the flow of traffic isn’t disrupted.

Kitchen Island Idea #3: Outlets

Having outlets on your island can be helpful for kids to plug in and do homework, or to allow multiple appliances to be plugged in at once. Or it can be a handy spot to plug in a vacuum for hard-to-reach places. Additionally, outlets are required by building codes, so figuring out placement can be the most important part. Having outlets in drawers or cabinets so you can keep appliances out of sight while still charging is practical placement. Also, having outlets on the side of your kitchen island can be useful for charging cords.

Kitchen Island Idea #4: Countertops

If you get a chance to remodel your kitchen, choosing the right countertops for your kitchen island is an important step. Making sure your countertop is durable and easy to clean is key for functionality, as your kitchen island will be a hub for family, friends, and household members to gather. There are many great countertop materials from which to choose. Also, deciding the style can make an impact such as a waterfall edge can provide a seamless look, or a thick chunky countertop style can be eye-catching.

Kitchen Island Idea #5: Prep Sink

Adding a prep sink to your island can be incredibly useful to improve prep work and help to control mess. Placing the sink near the edge of your island or near your fridge can help make transferring food from the refrigerator to the sink easier while freeing up more space for prep-work or entertaining.

If you are inspired by any of these kitchen island ideas, or have designs that you want to pursue, please don’t hesitate to reach out today to start the process.

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