Kitchen Remodel


A kitchen remodel project adds beauty, function, and value to your home. It also adds enjoyment for you and guests alike. When working with MBRG, you can transform the kitchen you have into your dream kitchen – easily and with less stress.

No Cookie-Cutter Kitchens

Having a cookie-cutter kitchen or one that doesn’t fit how you want to use it can be frustrating. A new custom kitchen designed and crafted by MBRG around what YOU need and want can significantly enhance your life. It will transform how you feel about your home and provide joy every time you use your kitchen. Our team will remodel your kitchen for the way you live.

Beautiful Kitchens, Superior Value

Designing and renovating your kitchen to be beautiful and functional is just part of what we do. We also make sure we provide you with superior value. This extra value comes from creating the best kitchen possible within your budget. We also save you time and headaches with our exceptional client service.

We Remodel Kitchens of All Kinds

Our team designs and remodels large, medium, and small kitchens. We create luxury kitchens and gourmet kitchens. Our professionals transform family and eat-in kitchens. We build kitchen additions and open design kitchens.

Best Practice

Do you need a kitchen that is good for everyone in your home? We can remodel your kitchen using Universal Design best practices or create kitchens for those who have mobility or accessibility requirements.

Any homeowner who is considering remodeling their existing kitchen should hire MBRG. They will deliver within budget quality workmanship. You could do no better than to hire Metro Building and Remodeling Group.

Ready for your dream kitchen?

Are you interested in discussing your dream kitchen? Let’s schedule your free consultation.