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What Does it Cost to Remodel a Kitchen in the DC Metro Market?

What Does it Cost to Remodel a Kitchen in the DC Metro Market?

Kitchen remodeling is a great way for you to make your kitchen look great and add functionality. But what does a kitchen remodel cost in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and suburban Maryland?

The cost of kitchen remodels depend on various factors. For example, do you want an economy, mid-range, or upscale kitchen? The cost of a kitchen remodel can also vary substantially based on how much you change the configuration, size, and structural elements.

Level of Kitchen Remodel Impacts Cost

Economy* Kitchen Remodels

The goal of an economy kitchen is usually to build one for the least upfront cost. This generally means using low-cost, low-to-mid-quality stock cabinets or painting the existing cabinets if they are structurally sound and not beat up. Economy kitchens use basic, low-cost flooring, lighting, and appliances. While most economy kitchens use laminate countertops, some use lower-grade, lower-cost stone counters.

*Metro Building and Remodeling is not asked by our clients for economy kitchen remodels. We provided this description for reference. We did not include typical pricing below.

Mid-Range Kitchen Remodels

For this article, we assumed that our mid-range kitchen costs are based on a 265 sq. ft. kitchen with good quality new floors, granite countertops, lighting, semi-custom or custom cabinets, and new mid-range appliances.

Upscale Kitchen Remodels

An upscale kitchen takes design, materials, products, finishes, and appliances up a notch in quality and quantity. You are more likely to use high-end custom cabinets with special features, top-grade stone or quartz counters, designer lighting, perhaps with automation and the best, most feature-rich and high-performance appliances. You will also likely have more appliances and cabinets than in a mid-range kitchen.

The upscale kitchen remodel costs compared here are for kitchens of about 400 square feet. In our prices for upscale kitchens, we did not factor in costs for the much more expensive and not often used imported or quarry-selected stone counters or professional grade stoves and ovens.

Configuration and Structural Changes Impact Kitchen Costs

As explained in our blog post 12 Factors Impacting Kitchen Remodel Costs, the cost of a remodel can also vary substantially based on how much you change the configuration, size, and structural elements of the room.

Remodeling Without Changing the Floor Plan

By not changing the floor plan, you usually don’t need to run new power, gas, water, or wastewater lines, unless your home is very old. You need some design work but not a new floor plan. All this saves you money

Changing the Floor Plan but Not Making Structural Changes

Costs go up if you need a new floor plan even if you stay within the confines of your existing kitchen footprint. These changes necessitate preparing a new design and layout. A new floor plan means moving where cabinets, countertops, sinks, lighting, appliances, electrical lines, gas, and plumbing will be located. New wiring, gas, water, and waste lines require opening walls and then replacing the drywall. All this extra work is what drives up the cost.

A Major Remodel with Structural Changes

The next step up is to change walls, windows, doors and maybe the size of your kitchen, if your kitchen is too small or not part of an open plan design. Most homeowners today desire an open plan design kitchen.

Typical Kitchen Remodeling Cost Ranges in 2023

For Kitchen Remodels in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Montgomery County, Maryland

To give you a realistic idea of what kitchen remodels cost in the DC Metro market, here are cost ranges for six different kitchen remodels, three mid-ranges and three upscale.

We selected mid-range and upscale kitchen costs because these are the ones we’re most often asked to create by our clients. Also, you can have a kitchen that is in between mid-range and upscale, and upscale kitchens have no upper-cost limit. The upper limit indicated below is usually the upper limit for most, but not all, homeowners we work with.

Typical Mid-Range Kitchen Remodel Costs

  • With the same floor plan: The typical costs for this kitchen remodel run $60,000-$75,000.
  • New floor plan but without structural changes: A typical kitchen like this costs $75,000-$95,000.
  • Major mid-range kitchen remodel with structural changes: Assuming modest changes to the size and structural features, but without changing the size of your home, assume your kitchen will cost $95,000-$115,000.

Typical Upscale Kitchen Remodel Costs

  • With the same floor plan: This kitchen remodel will likely run $75,000-$125,000.
  • New floor plan but without structural changes: This kitchen remodel will likely run $95,000-$145,000.
  • Major upscale kitchen remodel with structural changes: If your upscale kitchen remodel of this type increases your kitchen size by 15% to 25% but without enlarging your home, assume the cost will be $100,000-$150,000+.

What Will Your Kitchen Remodel Cost?

The kitchen cost ranges above are typical, but your kitchen remodel’s cost will be based on the specifics of your existing kitchen and the kitchen you wish to achieve. Contact us today to discuss your project! We offer a free consultation.

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