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Oops! 3 Things That Bust Kitchen Remodeling Budgets

When you decide to remodel your kitchen, it’s because you need it to work more efficiently for your family’s lifestyle and you want it to look beautifully updated. You understand that quality remodeling and top-notch customer service don’t come at bargain basement prices, but you don’t want to write a blank check either. That’s why at Metro Building & Remodeling we know it’s very important for you to have a fair and honest estimate of the project’s cost before construction starts. We want to make sure you know what your kitchen remodeling budget covers and what it doesn’t.


What you might not realize is that sometimes there are unexpected circumstances and decisions that can bust that initial budget. So, let’s talk about those now. The budget-changers generally fall into 3 categories: design decisions, change orders and unavoidable defects.

Design Decisions

A well-thought-out reason to exceed your initial kitchen remodeling budget is that you’ve decided you want to upgrade choices you’ve made. It’s very important, though, that this be a conscious decision and you discuss your thoughts with us to learn the cost implications. When you start picking out appliances, you may discover smart 21st century features you had no idea existed. You find ovens and fridge models that have apps and smart home connectivity to make life easier!

kitchen-remodeling-thinq2-LG-refrigerator-700x400Photo courtesy LG

Maybe you’re intrigued by all the new organizing features available in cabinetry and decide that they can make a big difference in your life, or you fall in love with a gorgeous tile that costs more per square foot. Increasing your remodeling budget can also increase your satisfaction with the finished project – as long as you do this after careful deliberation.

Change Orders

Before we begin a project, we plan carefully and discuss all aspects of the project and budget with you. But sometimes people change their mind, and that can have an impact on the budget once the project is underway, demolition has begun, and materials ordered.

kitchen-design-and-remodeling-cabinets-PrevoCabinetryCabinet door styles by Prévo Cabinetry. MBRG is a distributor of Prévo Cabinetry.

We try to avoid the need for change orders that alter the cost of your kitchen, but having good communication with our clients during construction means that sometimes ─ not often ─ we find they would really like a change from what they thought they wanted. We will let you know if decisions you want to make that require design revisions, restocking fees or other costs will disrupt the construction schedule and put you over budget.

Unavoidable Defects

We always try to anticipate hidden problems and build that into a realistic budget. Sometimes, however, there may be unforeseen damage caused by water, termites, mold or latent structural issues that reveal themselves only after walls are opened or flooring removed. When something unexpected turns up, our team of pros will let you know as soon as possible, so we can have a discussion with you about solving the problem and the effect it could have on the cost or timing of the renovation.

One thing you won’t have to worry about…

When you choose MBRG for your kitchen renovation, or any remodeling project, one problem that you won’t have is poor communication. We will give you realistic pricing information before work begins and keep you updated with details as the project moves ahead. We will let you know if something you decide you want to do will take you over the agreed budget.

We know you don’t want any budget-busting surprises, so we are always happy to discuss the details of our estimates and our remodeling process. You should know the quality and value you can expect for your kitchen remodeling budget. And we would love to talk to you about your next project!

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