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Kitchen Remodeling Tips: What to Know Before You Begin

Kitchen Remodeling Tips: What to Know Before You Begin

The kitchen holds such a central role in any home. It’s where you gather with family and friends, experiment with different recipes, bake gifts for friends and last-minute school projects, and the scene of some of your most cherished memories. Kitchen remodeling can be an exciting and rewarding project where both the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen are elevated. No matter what style you’re going for or how large the scope is, keep reading for essential kitchen remodeling tips. They will help you achieve your perfect kitchen with a smooth process.

Kitchen Remodeling Tip #1: Plan, Plan, Plan!

One of the most important kitchen remodeling tips is to make sure everything is thoughtfully planned out and expectations are reasonably set. Some of the easiest mistakes to make when remodeling your kitchen is a failure to plan properly. Understand exactly what you want to change about your kitchen. Setting goals can be incredibly important to keep the remodeling process to continue smoothly. To ensure a successful remodel, understanding how costs work is also important to add to your planning. If you have a certain budget, understand that you will probably spend more to factor in a 15-20% contingency to avoid surprises at the final total.

Kitchen Remodeling Tip #2: Order of Installation

Planning out the order in how you will tackle different elements in your kitchen is crucial to having the process go well. For example, making sure to choose your appliances before any cabinetry can save you a lot of trouble between things not fitting right or onerous installation efforts. Knowing the measurements of all your appliances is important to have on hand before cabinetry.

You can also match your cabinets to your appliances to create a more seamless look in your kitchen. Once you have your appliances and cabinetry, another important step in the installation process is installing flooring. Making sure to install flooring after cabinets can help minimize risks that can come with flooring. For example, the doors being damaged or losing its ability to expand and contract from the cabinet installation.

Kitchen Remodeling Tip 3: Flooring and Layout

There are many things you should know if you are planning to use hardwood floors in a kitchen. Choosing the correct wood can make a huge difference in your remodel. Selecting a wood that has a proper and pre-finished sealed finish can help to provide traction and withstand frequent use. When choosing a flooring it’s important to have the layout of your kitchen in mind so you know how much flooring you’ll need, etc. Think about the kitchen triangle when understanding layout so that your key appliances are close together so that they can work together more efficiently.

Kitchen Remodeling Tip #4: Trusting your Sources

Something that isn’t always talked about during kitchen remodels is trusting where you get your appliances from and having a plan for storage during the project. Trying to find deals online or buying from online vendors can lead to concerns surrounding deliveries and damages. For example, if you get a bargain deal from an online vendor, how will they handle a dented dishwasher dropped outside your home? Or how will you manage to carry a refrigerator dropped off at the curb? Buying items from a more trusted vendor can make sure timelines are met.

Also, mistakes or damages are not your responsibility. Showrooms can also hold onto appliances that were delivered before you can install them so that they don’t take up space at home.

Kitchen Remodeling Tip #5: Prioritize Storage

Lastly, it’s important to understand the need for storage in your kitchen. It can be a common mistake to underestimate storage space. It can be helpful to plan out where you plan on placing all your items. It will help to understand how much storage you’ll need and make sure you have enough space for every item. It might also be beneficial to take stock of your present storage situation and create room for expansion.

If all of this sounds overwhelming, it’s not! Not with the right kitchen remodeling contractor, that is. Our award-winning team is focused on creating, thoughtful design. And we are 100% customer focused. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation.

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