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Give Yourself a Gift You’ll Love for Years to Come

The holidays really put your home to the test, from how well the kitchen works to how easily you can entertain friends and family, or host overnight guests. With such a bright spotlight on how your home looks and works, we’re pretty sure you’ll find some things you’d like to change about it and have some remodeling ideas. This is the perfect time to plan to give yourself the gift of remodeling in 2018!


How to find the perfect gift for each room

As you prepare for the holidays, take note of what you find could work better with a gift of home improvement. When you’re getting house guests settled in, think about what is missing that would make your guests enjoy their stay more. (There’s a line for the one bathroom!) While entertaining, notice the rooms that are too crowded. (Everyone gathers in the kitchen!) What spaces are empty and unused?

Then ask yourself what remodeling gifts you’d love to give yourself, so your home could be more beautiful, functional, and fun for years to come.

A few remodeling ideas to get you started

Entry: What’s the first thing you see when you come in your front door? How well does the space welcome guests and handle coats, boots and packages? Does it feel drafty or set a warm tone that invites your guests in?

Kitchen: How well do your appliances and cabinets function? Would it be fun to have a fireplace, more natural light, or more seating areas? How is the traffic flow? Do you need more counter space? What about a second sink? Would you love to have “specialty” areas like a baking counter, breakfast bar or beverage station? Do you have enough storage? What if the kitchen were bigger…?

kitchen-design-and-remodeling-x750-jenn-air3-600x400Photo courtesy Jenn-Air

Powder Room: Is it beautiful and gracious enough for guests, with luxurious touches and space to store extra hand towels, toilet paper, soap, and other amenities? Is the powder room also used daily by the family – and what would make it function better for guests and everyday use?

Family Room: How are you using this room? Do you have enough storage options and charging stations for your family’s devices? Does your flat screen TV cry out for a different room configuration? What about expanding the room by opening it up to the kitchen, or integrating it more with the outdoors by adding a sunroom, deck, patio, or more windows?

Guest Room: Do you have one? Does it have its own bath?  Imagine what kind of space you’d be proud to have your house guests, in-laws, or your grown kids (and their kids) use when they visit for the holidays.

Master Bedroom and Bathroom: Would you love a cozy, private getaway from the stress of a long day? What would it take to make your master bath feel like a luxury spa? A luxurious steam shower or a large soaking tub and a heated floor? Wouldn’t it be nice to carve out a nook with a mini fridge, bar sink and a single-serve coffee maker for indulging in a relaxed breakfast on lazy mornings?

When you do this, you’ll have a “Wish List” that you can share with us as a starting point for planning what you’re seeking to achieve in the New Year. We love a challenge and will enjoy finding creative ways to turn your remodeling ideas into the gift of a “new” home that fits your dreams and your budget.


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