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Truly Good Design Gives You More For Your Remodeling Budget


Many area homeowners think getting truly good design for their home remodel means the project will cost more, perhaps much more. They may even think they can’t afford to pay for good design without the project going over budget. Nothing could be further from the truth.

First, consider these facts:

  1. The vast majority of the cost of a home remodel is on the construction side. Labor, materials, management, etc. Design is almost always only a small fraction of the project’s cost.
  2. The cost of construction and how well the resulting remodel looks and serves its purpose is greatly dependent on the design.
  3. It can cost the same or more to build a poorly designed remodel as an excellently designed remodel. The skills, talent and thinking process of the designer can make a big difference. The design approach can make a difference as well.

Now consider what truly good design means:

  1. At its best, “truly good home design” is a problem-solving process which requires both technical and creative skills.
  2. It requires a design team with the ability to understand what a homeowner is looking for, their tastes, the way they want to use their home, design trends, products, materials and finishes, and other things homeowners may not know. It requires communication skills and a solid understanding of construction, materials and their costs. It can also consider initial construction costs as well as lifetime costs of ownership (durability, maintenance, replacement intervals, energy costs, etc.).
  3. A “truly good design” is one that, by definition, helps you achieve most of what you want as possible within your budget.
  4. A “truly good design solution”, considers ways to improve the look, feel and function of your home in the most efficient ways.
  5. So a pretty looking project that does not function very well or costs more than it had to is not really a truly good design.

And while we have discussed a lot of issues about that are kind of technical and dry, truly good design does never, subordinates the value of creativity, imagination and the emotional benefits of a project. Good design has to delight your senses and make you feel good and proud of your home. It has to help you get more enjoyment from your home than before.

A key concept and benefit of design/build (when done properly as Metro does) is to keep design, functionality, costs, and budget in mind and in balance from the start. Take a moment to learn more about our various home remodeling services, our reputation for top customer service and quality work, and contact us today for a free consultation.

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