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Top Home Theater Ideas

Top Home Theater Ideas

Building a home theater in your home can be the ultimate luxury movie experience. A home theater is so much more than just a couch and a television, and when done right can create an immersive experience that adds to both enjoyment and resale value to your home. Follow these tips and find inspiration in these home theater ideas to create the perfect home theater space for the ultimate movie experience.


The first step in creating a home theater is to find the right location in your home. Typically, the most optimal locations are basements and attics due to their structure being fairly contained and dark to begin with. Spare bedrooms are another great option to put a movie room in because they can be appropriately dedicated to creating the perfect watching experience. However, when picking a location, it is important to consider the length of the room to make sure there is a good distance between the viewer and screen.

Control Light

Another important tip when a building home theater is controlling ambient light, or unwanted light that can come from other rooms, windows, and under doorways. Usually when doing home renovations, it is important to allow natural light to filter into your home. This works in the opposite way when building a home theater, where less light is more and works to immerse you into the atmosphere. Additionally, some projector screens will not work or need higher lumens to function with the presence of ambient light. Some home theater ideas for maximum lighting include adding fiber optics to create a more unique viewing experience. These can be especially exciting on the ceiling. Another home theater idea is installing lighting systems that emulate real movie theaters; install sconces, soft warm lights, automated lighting and more.

Control Sound

In addition to ambient light, making sure to get rid of ambient noise that can come from anywhere outside of your movie room is incredibly important. Nothing takes away from the viewing experience more than hearing a kitchen blender or the dishwasher. Installing soundproofing such as sound resistant drywall or soundproof foam or insulation can be a great sound deterrent. After ambient sound is accounted for, creating the perfect sound system for your home movie room can help elevate it. Some home theater ideas are installing surround sound speakers and acoustic panels to ensure upgrade of the audio quality.

Layout and Furniture

After you have achieved the perfect lighting and sound, creating the ultimate floor plan and layout throughout your home theater can enhance the experience. Installing wall to wall carpeting adds to the ambiance and will also help with sound. Some more home theater ideas are to fully immerse yourself in your home theater by adding furniture such as velvet reclining chairs or luxury couches and using a darker and matte paint to retract the least amount of light as possible. Also, if you decide to go with reclining chairs, installing sloped or tiered seating can create the ultimate luxury experience.

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