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Home Bar Ideas

Home Bar Ideas

Adding a high-quality home bar to your home is a great way to add a dramatic flair to your home and increase market value. You can have fun with the plans for a custom home bar, and there are so many design features to consider. Keep reading for five home bar ideas to spice up your space and create the perfect home entertaining spot.

Small Spaces and Stairways

All home bar ideas – whether it’s a wet bar, dry bar, walk-up bar — start with a great location. No matter the size, you can still create a dynamic and exciting space with the right styling and customization. Utilizing small spaces can add to the design, where you have more of an opportunity to play with design and go big. Under the stair space is a unique and perfect place to put in a custom home bar as you can toy with the architectural aspects. While a bar under the stairs could be built as a wet bar, we often see this space being utilized as a dry bar.

Basement Bar

Finding the right space to put your bar is one of the most important choices when coming up with home bar ideas. Opting to put your home bar in the basement can be helpful if you want to have a bigger bar. And, the basement ambiance can also make guests feel as though they are enjoying a speakeasy. Also a consideration for bar placement is whether you want a web bar or dry bar. It’s much easier in a basement or near a kitchen to build a wet bar – the basement options are endless, actually!

Adding Appliances: Wet vs. Dry Bar

Another home bar idea is adding appliances to your home bar to increase the functionality. When creating a custom home bar, it’s important to know if you will have to factor in plumbing with whether you want to create a dry bar or a wet bar that has a sink with running water. Adding a sink and other appliances are great ways to add luxury and tailor your home bar for your use. For example, if you enjoy a good glass of wine, adding a wine cooler can be a great addition. A small refrigerator for mixers and beer might be a better option if that’s what you prefer. Adding a decorative sink such as hammered copper can also add your personal style to the bar. Adding an ice maker can never be a bad choice.


One of the easiest home bar ideas is adding a custom island dedicated to your dream cocktail bar. It serves as a focal point in the space and can be a great choice for entertaining as it’s an easy space for guests to gather around. Adding the additional island counter space can also help to keep the back bar area clear. An island can provide a nice home for appliances in your bar, especially if they are panel ready appliances so they can blend seamlessly into the island

A Way to Connect Rooms

Adding a home bar to the end of a kitchen island or recessed into dividing walls can add nuance to an open kitchen plan and lead guests from the kitchen into the living areas. Adding open storage and design elements such as mirrored glass can be a great way to showcase your collection in style.

Inspired by these home bar ideas and want to create a custom bar for your home? Please don’t hesitate to reach out today. Let’s work together to make your dream home bar a reality.



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