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Custom Home Building Trends to Watch

Custom Home Building Trends to Watch

Finding a home that fits all your design dreams can be an impossible task. Which is why building a home is a terrific way to experiment with various design options and incorporate customized amenities. It is a way to ensure your home is perfectly designed and built for you and your family. Here are some custom home trends to watch if you are thinking about starting your home building journey.


Adding more color to your kitchen can be a great way to be bold and extend your personality throughout your house. You can do this with statement backsplashes, cabinets, or countertops that will draw your eye into the space. Another increasingly popular kitchen feature is building a large scullery pantry.

The generous size walk-in kitchen storage can lead to extra space for other amenities in the kitchen. Examples are a second dishwasher or sink, large wine refrigerator, and larger scale appliances. All of these can be a lifesaver to help during prep, cleanup, and entertaining in the home. Also adding a coffee station or even a wine bar are some other luxury additions that can bring your custom home to the next level. When you build a home, you have the benefit of choosing features that make sense for your lifestyle.

Outdoor Spaces

As we are continuing to spend more time outdoors, this is a great time to make outdoor spaces more intentional and comfortable based upon your interests. Adding an outdoor kitchen area can extend your living space and you can even make this more customizable to your family by adding a pizza oven or smoker. Adding built-in seating areas and fire-pits or fireplaces creates a lush and cozy area for guests to relax.

Home Offices

Including a home office has transitioned from a luxury add-on to a must have. With the influx of Zoom meetings and the ability to work from home, having a space where you can separate work and home is necessary. If you don’t want to dedicate an entire section of your home to creating a large home office, you can build a smaller professional space to take calls or work in periodically.

Modern Design

A custom home trend on the rise has been including large windows throughout your space to allow for natural light to brighten and warm up your home. Utilizing large windows, or French doors opens up your space, but it also helps to incorporate natural elements and bring nature inside. Creating a more natural feel and aesthetic when you build a home is an increasing architectural style, especially with the use of organic shapes.

Bathroom and Laundry Rooms

Turn your bathroom into a private and relaxing oasis so you never have to leave your home to experience a spa. Curate this atmosphere with different amenities such as built-in benches in your shower, a heated towel rack, freestanding soaking tubs and much more. Being able to build a home means creating customizable and luxurious spaces in every room of your house, even the laundry room. Using upscale materials such as granite or quartz to create lots of counter space has been an increasing trend. And installing unique statement tile flooring has also been on the rise, to functionally add personality back to a typically boring space.

If you found inspiration in these trends and are thinking about creating the custom home of your dreams, please don’t hesitate to reach out and start your custom home building journey. Our focus is always on stellar service, creative design, and quality craftsmanship.

If you are looking for more tips and ideas, you can see examples of our work on our Projects page. We would love to provide a free initial consultation to discuss building your dream home. Contact us today!

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