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Top Custom Home Design Trends

Top Custom Home Design Trends

Building a custom home presents such a unique opportunity to bring your design visions to life and can be the epitome of individuality and expression. The allure of crafting a custom living space that puts your personal aesthetics on display and aligns architectural features with your lifestyle is stronger than ever. If you are planning your dream home, keep reading to discover the top custom home design trends that are setting the standard for custom living spaces. Understanding which custom home design trends are here to stay and how they evolve can help you gain inspiration and knowledge on the custom home design process.

Biophilic Designs

2024 will bring an abundance of biophilic designs as a connection with nature and the outdoors has been on the rise in recent years. Creating seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces such as floor to ceiling glass doors, incorporating natural tones, woods, and plants throughout your home and including an outdoor living room are all suspected to be popular in custom home design this year.

Natural Light

In addition to connecting to the outdoors, having your home shine with natural light will be a popular trend in the new year. Adding oversized windows, French doors, skylights, or glass walls that can up to an outdoor space can dramatically increase the light in your home.

Smart Home Features

Adding smart home features throughout your custom home design is crucial in 2024. Smart technology for security and convenience can take your home to the next level. Think about adding smart thermostats, speaker systems, window shades and other smart features to your home.

Modern Designs

More modern architectural designs are staying popular this year over older European and Victorian styles. Simple architectural features such as curved ceilings and arched windows are gaining popularity.

Aging in Place

Adding age in place designs are being featured in more and more custom home designs. When creating a custom home, keeping the future in mind is incredibly important so you can include design elements to maintain your quality of life as you age and avoid having to move. Adding elevators, wider hallways, lowered light switches and reducing door thresholds can all be important things to include.

Guest Suites

Guest homes and suites are having a comeback this year so that house guests can stay in style. Giving your guests, whether short-term or long-term, the autonomy and privacy of their own space is expected to be incredibly popular in 2024.

Opulent Bathrooms

Having opulent bathroom designs is expected to be popular in 2024. Creating spa-like bathroom experiences and setting your home up to have a space for rest and relaxation is important this year. Read our article on 2024 Bathroom Design Trends to learn more.

Creating a custom home design might seem daunting, especially given the multitude of decisions to consider at every stage. Consider hiring home remodeling & custom-building experts whose guidance and expertise will help streamline the process and make it more manageable. Our team of skilled professionals here at Metro Building and Remodeling Group have extensive home remodeling and custom building experience and are carefully selected for their ability to provide dependable, quality construction on time, within budget, and provide exceptional client service throughout every project. Reach out today if you are considering a custom home design project.


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