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The Top Luxury Home Trends

The Top Luxury Home Trends

The landscape of luxury homes is ever-changing, adapting to changes in lifestyles and architecture. The dynamic nature of luxury home trends ensures that whether you’re an aspiring homeowner, or looking to revamp your property, you can add an opulent flair to your living space no matter the diversity of preferences. The world of luxury home design in 2024 looks to harmoniously meld tradition and contemporary design. Here are some top luxury home trends to watch if you are thinking about starting your luxury home journey.

Indoor-Outdoor Architecture

Homeowners are looking to feel more cohesion between their interior and exterior living spaces. People are increasingly gathering outdoors and creating year-long outdoor living spaces. Creating spaces outdoors that can be used in all four seasons is a hallmark of contemporary luxury homes.

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Adding floor-to-ceiling windows to your home is a highly sought after feature for luxury homes. It brings in natural light and puts on display the nature and views around your home. It can make a statement in your home, and let nature be your artwork, or a city skyline be on display.

Luxury Home Trends: Gardens

Gardens are becoming a must have for luxury homes, and another feature to display through floor-to-ceiling windows. Adding gardens, with unique shapes, pathways, and mazes can make your home feel like paradise. Green landscaping is also a popular trend for luxury homes. It promotes biodiversity and reduces water usage. Adding in native plants and grasses to your garden can create a lush space while also helping the environment and adding a unique flair to your space.

Saltwater Pools

Another way to connect with nature is to add a saltwater pool to your home. This opulent aquatic amenity can offer health benefits for your skin, use less chlorine and chemicals, and keeps your swimsuits bright rather than dulling the colors.

Luxury Home Trends: Spa Amenities

Adding spa amenities to your home is a cornerstone for luxury homes. Transform your home into a haven of relaxation complete with heated floors, a massage room, a cold plunge pool, hot tubs, steam rooms or a sauna.

Wine Cellars

Wine cellars are an important feature to add to any luxury home, as there needs to be a designated place to store your collection. Trends for luxury homes in 2024 are expected to increase the square footage of luxury wine cellars to be the size of a regular room that can double as entertaining space.

Energy-Efficient Fireplaces

Energy-efficient fireplaces have become a popular alternative to more traditional wood-burning fireplaces. They provide the same amount of warmth but are more safe and environmentally friendly. These innovative fireplaces seen in luxury homes also incorporate technologies such as clean-burning fuels or electric options that offer homeowners more eco-friendly benefits.

Luxury Home Trends: Smart Appliances

Smart features provide the ability to monitor and control appliances remotely or through voice commands, creating a personalized living environment that reflects modern luxury living. Luxury homes will increasingly include smart features as they enhance convenience and security, and also create more energy-efficiency.

If you found inspiration in these trends and are thinking about creating the custom home of your dreams, please don’t hesitate to reach out to start your custom home journey today. Metro Building and Remodeling (MBRG) will collaborate with you throughout the entire process. With our focus on customer service, high caliber craftsmanship, and our expertise in creating unique homes, we are confident that working with MBRG will be a top-notch experience for you. Or if you are looking for more tips and ideas, you can check out our most recently-completed custom home HERE.



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