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Tips for a Smooth Home Extension Project

Tips for a Smooth Home Extension Project

A home extension project can breathe new life into your space. It offers an opportunity to tailor your home to your evolving needs. Whether you’re wanting a new home office, addressing aging in place needs, or other reasons, a home extension project can completely transform your space and can boost property value. And while this process is incredibly exciting, it can also be daunting without the right preparation and planning. Keep reading for helpful tips to help you navigate your home extension project.

Clear on Goals

Clearly outlining the goals that you have regarding your home extension, whether that be an aesthetic vision, functional needs, timeline or more, can help your home extension project go smoothly. Also grasping a clear understanding of what typical home extension projects entail will help you work out any kinks and be prepared for any complications.

Flow and Cohesion

Another factor that will help create an uncomplicated home extension project is figuring out how you want your addition to flow with the rest of your home. Many homeowners tend to think of an extension project as a separate entity. However, reframing your mindset to understand the addition as an integral part of your home can help you create cohesion throughout your home. Think about other rooms that might adjoin the extension and how they might be affected. Would an HVAC unit need upgrading? Wood flooring redone? Asking yourself these questions in the beginning can help save you trouble later.

Budget and Scheduling

By nature, home extension projects tend to take longer and cost more than expected. To try and mitigate this, it’s important to bring in a contracting group early to help garner an understanding of price points and timelines. Working with a contractor can also help assess your options at different price points. Factoring in the resale value of your house after undertaking a home extension project is another important element to understand. Also, to avoid last minute uncertainties and delays, look at your local government restrictions and HOA rules to understand the scheduling process.

Decision Making

The timeframe of your project can be affected by the vast number of decisions you have to make for all the details of your home extension project. There are thousands of design considerations to make- both big and small- such as lighting, materials, and even types of door knobs. Not to mention making sure that these decisions align with your goals, complement your style and adheres to local building regulations. Making sure you’re able to quickly make decisions that you won’t regret is an important skill to have in this process. Leaning on your contracting team to help streamline the process can go a long way into making your home-extension project go smoothly.

Living Arrangements

If you are planning a home extension project, you should be planning on your living arrangements. Living at home while your home is under construction can be extremely hazardous and interrupt your daily life and may even extend your project timeline. Think about temporarily relocating while the construction goes on in your home to reduce any hassle.

Perfect Partnership

Lastly, finding a contractor whose work you align with can make all the difference in having your home extension project go well. Metro Building and Remodeling (MBRG) will collaborate with you throughout the entire process. Our trusted specialty contractors always strive for excellence in everything we do. With our focus on customer service, high caliber craftsmanship, and our expertise in creating unique additions, we are confident that working with MBRG will be a top-notch renovation experience for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and start your journey today.


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