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Kitchen Faucet Trends to Watch in 2024

Kitchen Faucet Trends to Watch in 2024

Your faucet is one of the most essential elements in your kitchen, and choosing the right design and functionality can drastically change your cooking experience. There are a myriad of design and style choices, so making sure you are well versed on the specifics can help to avoid leaky faucets and find ones that can withstand plenty of use. Keep reading to learn more about 2024 kitchen faucet trends.

Types of Faucet Trends:

Pull Down

This faucet style is the most common and popular as it is simple, clean and minimizes any clutter. The versatility of this single lever hot and cold faucet with the convenience of a pullout spray remains a favorite in 2024 kitchen faucet trends.

Smart Faucets

Smart technology has been on the rise and is prominent in 2024 kitchen faucet trends. Touchless or motion-sensor faucets have been rising in popularity. However, voice-controlled faucets have been unique to the 2024 faucet trends. Smart faucets can even include customized temperature settings.

Pot Fillers

If you love to cook, this type of faucet might be a great option for you. These faucets are making a comeback in 2024 kitchen faucet trends due to how functional they are and the stylish flair they provide.

Wall Mounted

This chic look is on the rise for 2024 faucet trends, and they are ideal for smaller or more compact kitchens for the space they can free up.


Overall, 2024 kitchen faucet trends are proving to favor clean and minimalist looks. If you are shopping for faucets opt for sleek or simple designs that look timeless and uncluttered in your kitchen.

Kitchen Faucet Trends: Material and Finish

Kitchen faucets come in an extensive variety of materials and finishes. Brushed nickel is dominating the 2024 kitchen faucet trends so far as it is stylish, sophisticated, and can easily conceal blemishes. More niche and opulent finishes such as copper or chrome plated brass are on the rise. These finishes create a patina on them as they age which can add character to your kitchen. High gloss finishes are also popular in faucet trends and polished chrome and nickel are becoming more in style for their sleek and reflective qualities. When choosing a finish that’s right for you make sure to consider the cleaning and care that each finish requires.

The Color Palette of Kitchen Faucet Trends:

While the color palette of kitchen faucets are not as unique and wide ranging as other parts of your home, they are still an important consideration. Black is the leading faucet trend for colors, overtaking stainless steel. Matte black specifically is gaining popularity in kitchen faucet trends. Gold and brass tones are continuing to be trendy as they bring a sense of luxury. Stepping out of the box, jewel tones and earth tones are a big, bold, and stylish option to make a statement in your space.

Shape and Faucet Trends:

There are many different shapes and arcs you can choose from while faucet shopping. High-arc and sculptural designs can add a dramatic element while more angular faucets with clean and sharp lines can give your kitchen contrast. If you have more of a vintage style, more classic shapes such as faucets with multiple handles might be the option for you.

Top Picks:

Now that the essentials of 2024 kitchen faucet trends have been established, keep reading to explore our list of some of the best faucet picks according to experts. These faucets were tested for durability, ease of use, price, water pressure, ease of installation, and fun features.

Delta’s Trinsic Single-Handle Pull Out Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

This faucet has a 360-degree swivel and a 20-inch retractable hose with a hidden magnet to ensure the wand will return into place perfectly, every time.

Kraus Oletto Commercial Style Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet


Photo by Kraus

It’s very easy to change the water flow with this faucet and it has a clean and sleek design. It also features a tall arc to accommodate taller pots and pans. It has a professional look of an industrial-style open coil.

Brizo’s Odin SmartTouch Pull-Down Faucet with Arc Spout

This smart faucet has an easy and simple tap on and off function as well as a magnetic wand docking system to ensure the handle stays in place and a spout that can rotate 360 degrees.

BioBidet Flow Pull-Down Sprayer Faucet

Equipped with a motion-activated sensor, this faucet initiates the water flow effortlessly. It also has a high arc for larger items and can easily be switched between different stream modes.

Moen Arbor Smart Touchless Kitchen Faucet With Voice Control

This voice activated faucet is one of the newest types of smart faucets on the market. With voice activation you can instruct the faucet to pour a specific amount of water and customize presets so that the faucet always pours out the exact amount of water you need.

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