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Wet Room Bathrooms: The Epitome of Luxury

Wet Room Bathrooms: The Epitome of Luxury

Are you considering adding a wet room to your house? As the center of personal care and comfort, bathrooms are a place of solace, relaxation, and renewal. They have become a sought-after upgrade to the typical bathroom remodel as they embody the opulence and tranquility of a spa and transform your bathroom into an oasis of serenity and luxury. Keep reading for more information on the benefits of this popular feature for bathroom upgrades.

What Is A Wet Room?

A wet room is a bathroom that is essentially designed to get wet, as a fully waterproof room with no division between the shower, the other fixtures, and the rest of the room. The shower floor doubles as the entire bathroom floor which differs from typical bathrooms as there is usually more distance and separation between the levels. Having an open concept with no defined enclosures can allow the room to feel more relaxing and freer. Hybrid wet rooms are also popular with a wet area made up of the shower and bathtub, with the vanity and toilet remaining separate.


  • Versatility in Design: Due to the open concept nature of this bathroom feature, they provide lots of design flexibility and allow homeowners to be creative and express their personality throughout the space.
  • Space Maximization: Another benefit to the open space of wet rooms is extra space. You will gain square footage from having the shower and bathroom share space and removing other enclosures, making the room feel more spacious.
  • Accessibility and Universal Design: Due to the room all being on the same level, wet rooms are inherently accessible which can make them an ideal option for older residents or people with mobility challenges. If universal design is a focus for you, wet rooms are a great and safe bathing option.
  • Simple to Maintain: Because of how wet rooms are designed with waterproof materials, it can make everything easier to clean and wash.
  • Return on Investment: Adding a wet room to your home can add significant value to your property as it is a desirable and spa-like addition that elevates any home. The universal accessibility of wet rooms acts as another appeal to potential buyers.


Wet room bathrooms can act as a platform for creative expression and personal style as there are a myriad of designs to choose from. When designing, it is important to keep these factors in mind:

  • Waterproofing: They must have proper waterproofing to avoid leaks and protect the structure, with many wet rooms opting for every wall to be tiled or other waterproof options like porcelain. Also, if you are thinking about storage, installing water-resistant cabinets is a must.
  • Drainage: The drainage is different from normal bathrooms as the floor must slope in the correct way for the water to flow properly and not pool.
  • Ventilation: The ventilation in wet rooms is a top priority and one of the benefits to this type of bathroom as it typically sees less mold and mildew growth because of it.
  • Slip-Resistance: Lastly, when designing a wet room, it is important to remember that surfaces are more slippery when wet so opting for materials with non-slip properties is crucial for safety.

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