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Seven Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Consider

Seven Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Consider

Whether you’re doing a complete overhaul of your kitchen or just looking to improve functionality or style, making sure your kitchen is well-designed is incredibly important and can improve the resale value of your home. The kitchen is referred to as the heart of the home for good reason. It’s the primary area in the home where people gather, spend time with family and friends, cook and eat. Because of its importance, if your kitchen is outdated or poorly designed it can impede on the functionality of your kitchen and make it less inviting. Keep reading for seven kitchen remodel ideas to create a kitchen that meets your goals.

Doubling Up

A kitchen remodel idea that can make a big difference if you’re a big cook, host a lot, or are always in the kitchen is to double up, either on counter space, appliances, or sinks. This will increase efficiency and productivity. Being able to wash multiple dishes at once or prep multiple meals on the counter space or cook in multiple ovens can help cut cooking time in half. This is true for storage space as well, where extra pantry or kitchen cabinet space can help with organization and meal prepping.

Concealed Storage

Maximizing space with storage solutions is always an important goal during a kitchen remodel. Concealed storage solutions are trending in 2023 with a focus more on pull-out shelves, hidden shelves behind doors, vertical storage options to keep your kitchen tidy and organized. Island organization is also a way to maximize storage space.

Hood and Range Differences

Another kitchen remodel idea that is trending in 2023 is a move away from traditional ranges and hoods in the kitchen. More personalized and sleeker designs are being prioritized in kitchen remodels with a focus on downdraft ventilation or more streamlined styles of cooker hoods that tend to be more invisible and integrated.

Asymmetric Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting is incredibly important, and an easy way to spice up your space when doing a remodel. 2023 is seeing more asymmetrical lighting such as pendants or multi-light chandeliers. Having a change in light length or styles can draw your eye around the space and make it seem brighter and cheerful.


When doing a kitchen remodel, upgrading your flooring can make a big difference in the look of the entire space. Installing wood flooring can be a great way to tie in the rest of the house and transition to the kitchen. Another great kitchen remodel idea is tile, as they are easy to clean and can transform the style of a space. For an added luxury, installing an underfloor heating element if you are in a cooler environment so the tiles don’t feel cold and uninviting.

Island Space

If you have or are planning to include a kitchen island (or two), make sure to allow for seating. It is a great way to make your space inviting. Having at least a couple chair options or stools around the island is a great place for guests to sit or to socialize with the cook while they’re cooking.

Adventurous Painting

Lastly, playing around with paint colors and placement can be an easy way to upgrade your space. If you have an island, painting the island an accent color can be a great way to add extra color to the space. If you have questions or want to discuss a kitchen remodel, contact us! Our team is customer service focused and consistently deliver award-winning designs. We would love to start making your dream kitchen a reality.

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