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Top Trending Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Top Trending Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

While it might not be the most important decision to make when renovating a kitchen, your choice of a kitchen backsplash will make a big impact. Kitchen backsplashes affect the overall beauty of your kitchen while also acting as a crucial functional component. Most importantly, your kitchen backsplash protects your kitchen walls above the countertops. Choosing the right kitchen backsplash can make cleaning up spills easier while also reflecting your personal aesthetic. It complements your kitchen; whether it’s a more subtle look or a statement piece. Kitchen backsplashes are really having their moment this year as homeowners look for ways to infuse personality into their homes. Alongside a growing trend of less wall-to-wall cabinetry, kitchen backsplashes can take up more space. No matter what look you’re going for, get creative and keep reading for inspiration and trending kitchen backsplash ideas.

Subway Tile

This choice for your kitchen backsplash is a classic that has thrived for decades. While 2023 trends that are suspected to continue into 2024 lean towards more bold choices, if you prefer a traditional look, this might be the perfect choice for you. Subway tiles come in various colors and materials as well. So, you can opt for a more eclectic look, but the timeless and sophisticated design is tried and true for a reason.

Marble Slabs

A kitchen backsplash trend that will be seen a lot more is homeowners opting for a single slab of marble, acting as either an extension of the countertop, or just for the luxurious and clean lines it gives. Both Calcutta marble and Carrara marble slab backsplashes are popular. Calcutta provides a more statement marble piece with swaths of deep and bolder colors. Carrara has a more timeless, polished, and traditional look.

Mosaic Tile

Mosaic backsplashes infuse your kitchen with color and personality that pair well with both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs. The variety of materials, patterns, colors, and finishes are endless. While this type of kitchen backsplash is busier, you can tone it down with cohesive choices for your mix of tiles. Creating your own mosaic rather than buying one will also help your personality shine through and make the design more timeless.

Hand Painted Tile

You can even add patterns through hand-painted tiles as this variation in color and texture can add visual interest while still being a cohesive tile set. Additionally, the customization of hand-painted tiles adds a high-end look to your kitchen.

Statement Range Backsplash

A kitchen backsplash trend gaining more popularity is including a statement range backsplash. This is where most of the kitchen has a more subtle or simple backsplash. The goal is to enhance the range and stove space with a bolder tile choice. This is also a way to choose a more visually impactful tile without committing to the entire room.


Mirrored kitchen backsplash, including mirrored tiles or panels reflect light, giving the appearance of extra room while also providing a glamorous touch. This type of backsplash has grown in popularity, but it does require extra cleaning to avoid finger smudges.

Overall, creating a bolder kitchen with vibrant colors and prominent tiling is a trending theme for kitchen backsplashes. If you are considering a kitchen remodel soon and are unsure where to begin, our award-winning team is available to discuss your project. Contact us for a free consultation.

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