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Coffee Bar Ideas for the Home

Coffee Bar Ideas for the Home

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, you’ll enjoy these coffee bar ideas, as nothing beats the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. A home coffee bar elevates your morning coffee ritual, bringing a cafe experience to your kitchen … or even your bathroom. Keep reading for coffee bar inspiration for your home.

Coffee Bar Idea #1: Storage Solutions

Keeping your coffee bar counter tidy and clean will help with efficiency in the morning and make it easier to store necessary appliances in plain sight. Using drawers and cabinets allows for supplies such as mugs, coffee beans, syrups, and other essentials to be tucked away. Thoughtful storage design will make it easier to fit a coffee bar into a small space. Adding open shelving and drawers makes your space more interesting, while tucking away coffee supplies and more beautiful mugs or tea pots can be on display.

Coffee Bar Idea #2: Location

Turning non-traditional spaces into a coffee nook is a fun surprise for guests and an efficient use of space. Some clients have even had coffee bars installed in their bathrooms complete with a sink and cabinet space. This unexpected pairing of relaxation and caffeine can create a delightful ritual and turn your bathroom into a luxurious escape. See our Project #1 of a McLean, Virginia home for photos and inspiration of this unique space.

Turning closets into coffee bars is also a wonderful idea as it can serve as the ultimate space-saving solution. Adding a coffee bar to an old closet can breathe new life into an underutilized area and provide a fantastic coffee nook.

Coffee Bar Idea #3: Awesome Appliances

Adding a mini fridge or sink to your coffee bar will enhance your morning routine, making everything easily accessible. This allows you to enjoy your morning brew with ease. A mini fridge can keep your milk, creamer, and other coffee essentials at arm’s reach while a sink eliminates the cleaning shuffle to another area in the home. It also provides easy access to water for brewing. Investing in high-quality coffee equipment is also a must.

Coffee Bar Idea #4: Customized Cabinetry

If you do opt for putting your coffee bar in the kitchen, make sure your cabinetry is customized for your coffee. Adding a built-in espresso machine provides a more luxurious feel and helps with efficiency. Alternatively, pushing back your countertops to give extra room for your machine will be a big help for space. Another idea is adding cabinet shelving where the machines are tucked away until they’re needed to help minimize heavy lifting.

Coffee Bar Idea #5: Artful Aesthetics

Lastly, making sure your coffee bar is designed to meet your personal style is also incredibly important to improve your coffee experience. Adding coffee-themed artwork can center your space and set the mood while racks provide an organized space for mugs. The visible shelf space also adds a flare of your personality, allowing your favorite ones to be on display. Decor elements such as plants, coffee storage items, and even displays of your favorite coffees also help complete your space and make it truly feel luxurious. Contact us for more ideas to design and build a coffee bar anywhere in your home.

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