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Creating a Custom Wine Cellar

Creating a Custom Wine Cellar

Creating a custom wine cellar is an exciting project to embark upon for any wine lover. Fine wine, as the adage goes, only grows better with age. Your wine collection is something you’ll love for years to come, and the same should be said for your wine storage. The top benefit is that proper wine storage will increase its longevity. Creating a custom wine cellar involves much more than just functionality though. With in-home wine storage becoming more popular, here are some important details and features to include when designing your own custom wine cellar.

Wine Cellar Location

Storing your wine in a cool and humid place is an ideal environment to protect your wine until it’s opened. This usually means the basement, where your wine is protected from light and properly ventilated. An unused crawl space or the kitchen are some of the worst places to keep wine. Having a place where you can install a cellar door too tightly seal the room is also highly important. This door can be made from many different materials to best suit your unique design style: wood, glass, iron, or steel.

Wine Cellar Style

Designing a wine cellar is where you can let your personality shine. When starting from scratch there are many styles to choose from. Using different shapes such as geometric designs or archways can contribute to the display. Contrasting materials such as light wooden floors or glass  is one of many design styles. Another is industrial materials such as metal pipes or unfinished stone. These are just two great options of many to add visual interest. Designing storage for the bottles to lay on their side instead of standing up ensures the cork doesn’t dry up. Having your bottles lay horizontally doesn’t have to be only for practicality. X-shaped shelves or hanging racks can increase the amount of horizontal storage while still looking chic. Cable systems can also make the bottles look as though they are floating.

Wine Cellar Lighting

Having the right lighting can affect the ambiance and make a huge visual impact on your cellar. But, choosing the wrong type of lighting can also have an adverse impact to your wine. Make sure to stay away from UV and heat-producing lights. Backlighting behind the bottles can provide a luxe look without compromising the wine.

Our goal at Metro Building and Remodeling Group (MBRG) is to provide high quality home remodeling projects. Wine cellars are often part of an overall basement remodel, which ties into the design and construction of a home bar as well. We have worked with many clients throughout Montgomery County, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia to help clients realize their dream of a basement remodel, including beautiful wine cellars. To get a sense of our expertise, look through our project gallery.

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