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Trends for Kitchen & Bath: Sleeker, Smaller, Smarter

Kitchen and Bath Trends

Updates to a home’s kitchen and bathrooms are very popular remodeling projects in Northern Virginia and the DC Metro area. And with good reason. These are the rooms that families use the most on a daily basis. You want them to meet the needs of your lifestyle, but also stay looking new and fresh.

Each year, the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) sponsors the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), highlighting the latest ideas for kitchen and bath design, technology, and sustainability. Check out some of this year’s beautiful and practical solutions for making the rooms where you spend so much time the perfect fit for you.

bathroom-design-and-remodeling-kohler29-floating-vanity-1000x700Photo courtesy Kohler Co.

Big Changes in Small Packages

If you want to remodel, but aren’t able to add more space, we have some great news! Some of the best kitchen and bath trends we’re seeing this year include sculptural and less bulky versions of the fixtures and appliances of the past.

bathroom-design-and-remodeling-kohler30-minimalist-toilet-1000x600Photo courtesy Kohler Co.

Sleek bathroom vanities and even toilets can now float above the floor, and the visual impact is a room that feels more spacious. Not only that, with no cabinet and toilet base to get in the way, cleaning the bathroom floor just got 100% easier. We’re all for that! Another option is to select a minimalist toilet design with a smooth base that has none of the nooks and crannies of old. The result is a more modern look (and easier cleaning).

One from Column A, One from Column B

kitchen-remodeling-column-refrig-compare-subzero-985x500Photo courtesy Sub-Zero

Fitting in the appliance upgrades you want for your custom kitchen just got simpler. If a typical French door fridge doesn’t give you the fridge/freezer combination you need, a customization solution is here with the arrival of column refrigeration. Need more or less freezer space or special units for different food groups? No problem. Want a second full-size refrigerator without a freezer? Columns can do that. Select separate units for refrigerators, freezers and wine cabinets in varying widths from 24” to 36” and have them installed side by side or even on opposite sides of the room, wherever is most convenient for you.

How Smart Can It Be?

It’s almost a given that when you’re shopping for something for your home, you’ll want to know if it’s smart. And you probably even expect that it will be. Since many devices and appliances already connect to an app, the stakes are now higher. The point of comparison has become “Just how much smarter is it?” Obviously, it should have voice activation skillsets. Does it have touchscreen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or a camera? How easily will it connect to and interact with your smart home system?

KBIS2019-thinq2-LG-refrigerator-1000x575Photo courtesy LG

What can you do with smart devices? You can scan a barcode on a frozen food item to send the cooking directions straight to the oven. Look inside the fridge to check on your milk supply…while you’re at the supermarket. Let the washing machine decide how long the laundry cycle needs to run based on how dirty the clothes are. A new Kohler toilet line offers motion-activated, hands-free opening and closing of the seat and cover, is self-cleaning, and has adjustable seat heating, and ambient lighting.


Photo courtesy Kohler Co.

We would love to start a conversation about how we can make your home as up-to-date, sleek and smart as you want it to be. We can also advise you and help you decide what kitchen and bath trends and innovations are worth it, and which ones are not!

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