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Add Glass to Make Your Home Shine Again

Add Glass to Make Your Home Shine Again


We recently wrote about how the wood finishes you choose have a huge impact on the overall look and feel in your new space. Today we focus on glass as a design detail in your home. Glass deserves consideration in upgrading the look of your home.  There are many new and exciting ways adding more glass to your décor that will make your home really shine again.


Look Around…

There’s no doubt that one of the remodeling goals we hear from homeowners a lot is they want to make their home lighter and brighter. And the best way to do that is to change ─ and add ─ windows. The increased efficiency of 21st century high-performance windows means you can add larger glass surfaces to any room to let in more natural light while not wasting energy or increasing your heating and cooling costs.

MBRG-kitchen-design-and-remodeling-windows-800x520Custom kitchen by Metro Building & Remodeling

Older homes often have one tiny window over the sink in a dark kitchen. Nobody wants that anymore! Today’s open-floor-plan kitchens can have a row of windows above the counter instead of wall cabinets. Nothing to see here but wide-open spaces and the great outdoors! It’s a look we love that lets you enjoy the view of the backyard year-round while staying cool (or cozy) indoors.

Glass Walls That “Disappear”

Sometimes you want a wall of glass between you and the elements, but other times you wish it could disappear. Now one kind of door makes both possible. Your cumbersome sliding glass patio door can be replaced by moveable glass panels that stack and slide out of the way.

outdoor-living2-nanawall-1000x650-1-800x520Photo courtesy NanaWall

Elegant solutions from manufacturers like Pella, Jeld-Wen, or NanaWall can fold open to seamlessly integrate your home’s interior with your backyard view, deck, or patio. Perfect for when you’re entertaining, the panels are easy to open and close, or fold away like there’s no wall at all. These glass panels are also energy efficient and offer excellent protection from even extreme weather conditions.

Glass-Front Cabinets

kitchen-design-island-mbrg-800x520 (1)Custom kitchen by Metro Building & Remodeling

Kitchen designs today often give homeowners the most storage space possible by stacking cabinetry floor to ceiling. In order to lighten up the heavier look that solid doors can give, consider having the top row of cabinets feature glass fronts. You’re not putting everything you own on display, and you still get a fresh look. Another lighter-looking option would be to outfit one set of wall cabinets with glass doors for the look of a china cabinet.

MBRG-kitchen-remodeling-cabinets1-1000x1000-1-600x600Custom kitchen by Metro Building & Remodeling

Ditch the Shower Curtain

When a master bathroom renovation is in the plan, many will feature a spa-like atmosphere with a large shower. Nothing spoils the look faster than a shower curtain, so these showers almost certainly use glass enclosures. With glass walls (or half-walls), a roomy, curbless shower is a gorgeous addition that makes the space feel bigger.

master-bath-walk-in-shower-alexandria-va-1000x560-1-800x448Bathroom with walk-in shower by Metro Building & Remodeling

And, for a home you plan to stay in as long as possible, it also allows a more accessible bathing experience, employing the principles of Universal Design. Add a smart shower system with personalized presets for precise temperature control and the ability to connect multiple shower devices, such as showerheads, hand showers and body sprays. What started with a new shower ends with all the luxurious touches you need for complete relaxation in your master bathroom.

We can help you make your home shine by using glass in any number of exciting ways! Get in touch with us today for ideas on how glass can be the transparently perfect way to freshen up your home.



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