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More Than A/C: How Many Ways Can You Keep Cool?

More Than A/C: How Many Ways Can You Keep Cool?

When the hazy, hot, and humid days of summer hit, DC Metro area residents know how to keep cool. Most homeowners around here have the air-conditioning aspect of staying cool under control, but summer also means we want to have cold drinks close at hand. Did you know there are convenient new ways for keeping food and beverages chilled ─ almost anywhere around the house?

The Great Outdoors

Outdoor living spaces are more important than ever before, and a complete outdoor kitchen needs more than just your grill of choice. As the sun sets and the day cools, you can entertain in an elegant outdoor space that also has a mini-fridge, icemaker, sink, counter space for food prep, and storage cabinets, all specifically designed to withstand the elements.

outdoor-living-kitchen-fridge-perlick-767x450-1Photo courtesy Perlick

Extra Cooling Options for the Kitchen

We’ve seen some exciting new ways to add cooling power in your kitchen. Refrigeration options are sleeker and smarter than ever. Instead of just choosing between side-by-side or French Door styles, you can customize with “column” models that can give you the exact combination of refrigerator, freezer and even wine storage space you need.

kitchen-remodeling-column-refrig-subzero32-800x500-1Column refrigerator photo by Sub-Zero

Smart fridges can connect to mobile devices with wi-fi or apps that let you check to see if you’re running low on milk. They can include “family hub” screens with voice activation so you can stream music, sync family calendars, check the weather or leave a digital reminder for your spouse to keep their hands off the dessert that’s for tonight’s dinner guests.

kitchen-remodeling-familyhub-refrigerator-samsung-800x360Photo courtesy Samsung

Some models have “flex zones” that can change from fridge to freezer and back again when your needs change. Undercounter fridges are great for a family beverage center, and wine cabinets can hold a few bottles or dozens at the perfect temperature. Standalone icemakers keep a larger supply ready for parties or days when you just need extra ice for beverages of any kind.

Refrigeration in Any Room

master-bath-refrigerators-x2-perlick-1000x659-1-800x527Photos courtesy Perlick

A fridge in the master suite? Yes! If you have medications or beauty products that require refrigeration, you can add a small refrigerator in a drawer under the vanity counter. The ultimate in convenience and luxury. A small beverage station with a bar sink in the bedroom is great for late night snacks and morning coffee. And it doesn’t have to look like a kitchen! Custom cabinets can blend with the look of your room.

1-basement-remodel-ashburn-VA-5115-TV-800x534Finished basement wet bar by Metro Building & Remodeling Group

A finished basement is already a cool place for entertaining in hot weather, so why not add a wet bar? Nobody wants to have to run to the kitchen to refresh drinks and snacks! With all the choices in smaller refrigerators, it’s easy to put together a sophisticated bar or a mini kitchen, no matter how much space you have. And this is another great place for an undercounter icemaker.

Entertaining – and life in general – are more fun when you have so many great options for chilling out around the house! Let’s talk about all the ways you can be the coolest family on the block!

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