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Trending in 2023: Top Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Trending in 2023: Top Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

The look and functionality of your kitchen is significantly influenced by the style of your cabinets, as they take center stage in your kitchen. Cabinetry determines both the storage needs in how you arrange your prized kitchen items, but they also affect the overall appearance of your kitchen. Changing your cabinets can be a great way to transform the look of your kitchen. Keep reading to explore seven expected 2023 kitchen trends and styles to get kitchen cabinet ideas for your next kitchen remodel.

Idea #1: Colors

Design experts expect kitchens to be more saturated in color in 2023, with a shift away from grays to brighter, bolder, and richer colors. This includes reds and emeralds, as well as pinks and greens. Mixing in touches of gold or silvery design elements will also make your kitchen feel opulent. When deciding on a paint color, make sure to factor in your countertop, because mixing light and dark hues – either pairing dark cabinets with light countertops or vice versa is one of the trending kitchen cabinet ideas in 2023. Likewise, adding color blocking to your cabinetry can help to balance a full color palette.

Idea #2: Storage

Storage is another trending kitchen design idea with floor to ceiling storage being a main way to maximize storage space and increase the functionality of your kitchen. Also, creating storage for specialty spaces such as a skinny spice rack drawer next to your oven or a utensil storage space beside the dishwasher.

Idea #3: Customization

What says luxury more than creating customized cabinets to fit your specific needs in the kitchen. There will be an increase in custom cabinetry in 2023 such as building cabinets to conceal appliances. Examples are microwaves or refrigerators to create a more seamless look. Including special hardware as well as traditional detailing to your cabinets will also ground your cabinets and create a cohesive feel in your kitchen.

Idea #4: Back to Basics

If you are trying to think of kitchen cabinet ideas, but you don’t want to just fall for trends that may fall out of style, classic styles such as white or black cabinets with open shelving are timeless and will never fail.

Idea #5: Au Naturel Again

If you are unsure about bold and bright colors in your kitchen, keeping your cabinets wood is a beautiful way to add depth and natural elements back into your kitchen. Stained wood cabinets, specifically darker stains and warmer tones are more trendy kitchen cabinet ideas that will always look good in any style of kitchen.

Idea #6: Texture

If you are looking for kitchen cabinet ideas that add dimension and detail to your kitchen, adding texture is a simple and great way to achieve this. While you can never go wrong with shaker style fronts, trends are pointing towards slimmer rails being more stylish. Mixing metals into your cabinet designs, adding fluting, trim or glass are all great ways to spice up otherwise simple designs.

Idea #7: Finishes

Lastly, finishing your cabinets with a super glossy and veneer finish is expected to trend in 2023. While you can also go for a matte finish for bolder and brighter colors.

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