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One-Stop Shopping for Your Wish List

One-Stop Shopping for Your Wish List

The holiday season is starting up in full force. And this year, many families will be getting back to celebrating more like they used to: lots of good food, gifts to give, and visits with friends and family. As you get into this year’s flurry of activity, you might also realize that it’s finally time to remodel the kitchen or finish the basement. The design/build remodeling process for your home can be exciting, but if you’ve never remodeled you might not know where to start or how the process works.

Will you need to come up with the look of the finished project all by yourself? No!

Do you have to get the permits and do the hiring of separate carpenters, plumbers, and electricians? Absolutely not!

MBRG_kitchen-remodel_northern_va_03-800x533Custom Kitchen by Metro Building & Remodeling Group

When you decide it’s time to remodel, we want to save you from having to add more items to your to-do list. That’s why we offer the Design/Build remodeling process. It’s one-stop shopping for homeowners who want peace of mind, simplicity, and the ease of working with one trusted company from concept to completion.

Remodeling stress? No thank you!

The items we put into our project process are probably on your remodeling wish list, too. Matching a family’s lifestyle requirements and having a stress-free experience are at the top of everyone’s list. The Design/Build process means we take a look at creative ways to make the most of everything in the newly remodeled space: from style and storage space to traffic flow and natural light. Here’s how Design/Build works.

1. Thoughtful Planning

We want you to have a home that is designed specifically to fit your lifestyle and needs. With our good space planning and your thoughtful input, we can carve the most from every square inch of the remodeled space.

As you’re cooking and baking during the holidays, think about what doesn’t currently work in terms of storage, layout, lighting, and appliances. Then imagine what your kitchen would be like with larger windows, more counter space, better organization, improved lighting, and the latest appliances. A blank wall in the kitchen might be just enough room for a row of narrow cabinets that are perfect for a beverage center or for storing holiday china and serving pieces.

MBRG-custom-cabinets-800x600Custom Cabinets by Metro Building & Remodeling Group

2. Combining Design Savvy and Cost Control

With Design/Build remodeling, we can deliver major style and also keep your budget in mind at every step because we manage it all. So, when we have finalized a beautiful design, building it within budget can be accomplished.

As you’re entertaining, pay attention to how rooms are used. Is the living room empty, but the kitchen overflowing with people? We can not only remodel the kitchen, but also look at the big picture of how a better design can help your whole house flow better. And when we do both the designing and the building, we can also keep the budget and work schedule under control.

3. Assessing Products and Priorities

The choices of appliances, fixtures, and finishes can mean the difference between staying on budget or blasting right through it. Using our Design/Build process, we can help you spend your remodeling dollars most efficiently. We know what products are available and how well they work in real-world settings. We can help you prioritize what new product or trendy look may be worth the investment…or not.


BEFORE & AFTER Photos of Custom Kitchen by Metro Building & Remodeling Group

As you’re welcoming house guests, imagine seeing your home through their eyes. You’ll become aware of what to prioritize for fixing and updating. You may have grown so used to seeing the spare bathroom that’s well past its prime, you don’t even notice it anymore.

You’ll Thank Us Later!

With your home front and center during the holidays, why not start right now to think about stylish updates you’d love to have, and also make note of what frustrates you, what’s worn out or what simply no longer fits your family and your lifestyle.

Before you know it, you can have an impressive list of specific things you’d like to change. Then we can use our Design/Build process to share our vision for how your remodeled home could look and feel with those changes.

Let’s start a conversation about how Metro and our Design/Build process can make it all happen for you with one-stop shopping!

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