A “Holiday Home Tour” of Your Own? Why Not?

Homes look so pretty during the holidays! But wait: the holidays also shine a not-so-cheery light on your home’s shortcomings. Things that you’d like to change, like cramped spaces, awkward guest accommodations, cluttered kitchen counters, and bathroom fixtures that are just plain awful. It’s no wonder you may find yourself thinking about remodeling during 2017. If that’s the case, January is the perfect time to start planning your remodel — but now is the perfect time to start “dreaming” it.

Kitchen remodeling photo courtesy Prévo Cabinetry

Photo courtesy Prévo Cabinetry. MBRG is a distributor of Prévo Cabinetry.

Start with a Holiday Home Tour – of your own house

Seriously! We know things are crazy busy right now, but try to set aside just half an hour to walk through you home. Just you, by yourself. Pour yourself a glass of cider or cup of hot cocoa and begin your tour as if you were a guest, seeing the home for the first time.

At each stop on your tour, take note of the first thing you notice. Then imagine what would make the space absolutely perfect. For the moment, don’t worry about being practical. This step is about dreaming!  So, free yourself to brainstorm about improvements and don’t place any limits on your ideas.  Later, when you’re ready to redesign and remodel, we’ll help find ways to translate the ideas you’ve dreamed up during your private holiday house tour into a practical and affordable project.

Let’s begin!

Start outside. Grab your coat and go out to the street. Think about possibilities for the exterior – a more gracious walkway or steps, a covered entrance, or even a facelift for the front with a fabulous porch. In the backyard, what would you love? – an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, new deck, or a sunroom?  Also, look for anything that drags down the appearance of your home, like an old roof, outdated front door or windows, and gutters, siding or brickwork in disrepair.

Welcome yourself home. Even if you usually enter from the garage, take this opportunity to experience your home as guests do and use the front door. What is your entry like? What would make it more functional and gracious?  Now, give the same thought to the entry from the garage or side door: what would be your dream solution for coats, boots, backpacks, dog leashes and sports gear? A “Drop Zone” with coat hooks and cubbies? A tiled mud room?

Photo home remodeling with entry bench and coat hooks

Entry Drop Zone by Metro Building & Remodeling Group

Imagine more luxury in every room:  the luxury of space, of warm natural daylight, of a place for everything. What special thing would you add to each room?  What would you like to fix, remove, replace or totally reconfigure?

Think “what if”:  What if you could have a guest room, a bigger kitchen, a spacious great room, a master suite with a spa-like bathroom…? Again, don’t limit yourself from dreaming just because you can’t imagine where to find the space (that’s our job!).

Photo bathroom remodeling whirlpool tub

Spa tub photo courtesy Kohler Co.

At the end of your holiday home tour, you’ll see each room with a new perspective. You’ll be reminded of what you originally loved about your home and you’ll have more than a few exciting ideas for remodeling it so you’ll love it even more.

Even if you’re not thinking of starting your remodeling project right away, why not share your home tour ideas with us now? That gives us all plenty of time for finding the most creative and cost-efficient ways to turn all your holiday dreaming into the home of your dreams.









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