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Currently Trending: Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Currently Trending: Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors

If you are looking to transform your kitchen from just the place where your food is prepped, to truly becoming the heart of the home, selecting the right color palette for your kitchen is a crucial step. Popular kitchen cabinet colors can guide the best color palette as they have the power to set the right tone and mood and make a lasting impression. The right color for your kitchen cabinets depends on your overall aesthetic and personal style and these popular kitchen cabinet colors certainly exhibit a multitude of styles depending on what inspires you. Whether you prefer a timeless or more contemporary style, or a muted or more bold color palette, keep reading to learn more about kitchen design and what inspires you with five popular kitchen cabinet colors.

Color Scheme #1: Au Naturel

More organic styles and designs have been trending in both kitchen and bath designs this year so it’s no wonder that natural wood and taupe tones are trending in kitchen designs. Popular kitchen cabinet colors have been including wood tones and taupe or beige as a newer ‘neutral’ as they are still inviting and provide depth. Lean on modern design principles to make sure you avoid dating your wood kitchen.

Color Scheme #2: Black/White

There is nothing that screams timeless more than black and white. White cabinets have long been a favorite to homeowners because of their clean and bright ambiance, allowing the space to feel bigger, as well as more open and airier. And while black cabinets may feel like a bold and daring move, they can give off an older and sophisticated vibe when done correctly. Incorporating both colors together is also always a pleasing design idea and can leave your kitchen feeling modern and well planned.

Color Scheme #3: Greens

Earthy green tones are all the rage right now. If you are looking for something that doesn’t brighten your kitchen up but still feels fresh and natural, consider green tones. Shades such as sage, olive, and forest are popular kitchen cabinet colors and provide a distinct and refreshing alternative to more traditional colors. These natural and calming colors also allow you more room to play with countertop materials and accents with wood, stone, and tile.

Color Scheme #4: Blues

Dark and navy blues are still popular kitchen cabinet colors as they are a bold choice but still classic and pleasing to the eye and can be accented with different hardware to make your kitchen really pop. Darker blue tones can be easily lightened up with countertops, backsplash to create a beautiful contrasting look. As well as paired with gold accents if you’re going for a darker, more rich aesthetic.

Color Scheme #5: Dual Toned

If you can’t decide between more than one of these colors, then opting for a dual toned look may be right for you. Mixing multiple colors or tones can be a great way to color block or go bold without committing the color to your whole kitchen. A general rule is to keep the lighter colors on the upper cabinets with darker colors on the bottom.
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